Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you want your company’s brand to reach up to 250,000 people a year? Book your advertising spot inside the Irving Oil Field House today and guarantee your prominence within this exciting state-of-the-art facility.

Our team will work with you to create a custom advertising program that fits your budget. Contact us and ask how you can participate in these excellent opportunities.

  • Increase sales
  • Expose your product or service to a cross-section of demographic and lifestyle market segments
  • Enhance your company’s community profile
  • Optimize the rate of return on your marketing investment as being associated with a high-profile facility like the Irving Oil Field House only makes sense.

A state-of-the-art facility, this complex will provide program opportunities and attract multi-sport bookings with the potential to reach more than 250,000 people per year. And that doesn’t count many thousands of weekly exposures within a dedicated user group of YMCA membership holders!

Estimated Traffic

  • The majority of the audience is 6-18 Years of age plus their parents
    • Child/youth/adult Sports Teams
  • 2,000+ people through the facility during special event bookings
    • At least one major special event booked per month
  • YMCA members have access to Fitness Centre, sports fields, and track
  • From September to November 2019, we had 7,164 unique users at the Irving Oil Field House website specifically. We estimate that the facility will have 28,656 users who will be viewing logos from advertisers.

Locations & Pricing

Sizes & Pricing:

  • Custom Size: 96″ in height, 25” width at the top which tapers to 20.25” at the bottom
  • $250 – $500 per column (single & double-sided)
  • 20 double-sided spaces available

Sizes & Pricing:

  • 235” x 48.25” (Full Size) | $2,500
  • 118” x 48” (Half Size) | $2,000
  • 96” x 48”(Quarter Size) | $1,500
  • 14 spaces available

Sizes and pricing:

  • 300” x 48.25” (full size) | $3,000
  • 150” x 48.25” (half size) | $2,500
  • 96” x 48.25 (quarter size) | $2,000
  • 6 spaces available

  • 47.5″ x 105.25″ (maximum size)
  • 10 columns available
  • Pricing:
    • Single-sided | $1,000
    • Double-sided | $1,500
    • Four-sided | $2,000

Terms and Conditions

The following pages describe some of the exciting advertising opportunities that are currently available inside the Irving Oil Field House.

In the first year, the advertiser will be billed for the first year of advertising as well as the ad production cost and HST. In the following years, the advertiser will only be billed for the advertising fee and HST, payable by the first month of the agreement.

Advertising design, if required, will be a supplementary fee negotiated between the advertiser and YMCA ($100 per hour). All designs/photos need to be submitted in the highest resolution available (e.g. high-resolution JPG, PNG with transparency, and vector files, such as EPS, AI, or SVG). A proof will be sent prior to final printing for approval.

Any term booked will require the advertiser to sign a contract.

Sales Contact

For more information, please contact Natalie: | +1-506-717-4086